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Study with us

If you have ever dreamed of sitting in a room filled with souls excited about music and songwriting, sharing ideas that might drive you down different paths where you will improve your craft, and develop new relationships with people who hold the same passion for something as personal as songwriting, you need to join us here at Songwriting Escape Songwriting  and Instrumental Workshops!

What it's like

Why attend Songwriting Escape?

A songwriting experience like no other


Our goal in creating these songwriting and instrumental workshops is to share our combined musical experiences in an effort to help you create the song that you want to write and improve your ability on your instrument.

On Site

The inspiration, the process and the end result of writing a song are waiting for you on this creative songwriting workshop escape by a peaceful shoreline, at the foot of the coal mining mountains, in the midst of sweeping fields filled with wildflowers...a plethora of scenic settings right within your imagination. No matter where you see yourself along the writer’s path; the dreamer, the novice, the more advanced songwriter or musician -- you will be the right fit for our workshops. All you need is pen, paper and your imagination to write a song and your instrument and the desire to learn and improve your playing to join this dynamic team in exploring the art of songwriting and honing your musical craft. 

The People

Our songwriting team has experience and expertise in the elements that build a song and we plan to share as much information on songwriting as the hours will allow. We will set the stage for a three day escape in a beautiful setting that will allow your imagination to soar as you are exposed to lyric and melody theory and methods that we embrace in our own songwriting. There will also be an opportunity for you to present and perform songs that you want us to help you dissect, hone or just enjoy. You will meet and bond with fellow songwriters and musicians where you can learn the very enjoyable and healthy exercise of co-writing.

Our top-notch instrument and vocal harmony instructors will be happy to share tricks of the trade, no matter what your level.  Tell us your goals and we will do our best to help you achieve them!



"Thank you Rick and Donna for helping me become a better songwriting. The tips I got from youtube were an eye opener."


"When I came to the workshop I hadn't written anything in  thirty years and now I have written three songs".


"You have helped me immensely as I continue to work on our craft."


"Aside from being great folks, you have a vast knowledge of writing and making a song more interesting for the listener".


"Even though I had read your book, I felt like I learned so much more hearing you in person. It was great hearing others share their songs and aspirations."


"Rick is a true melody man and Donna has the tricks to pull a song out of you from thin air".


"So if you think you have a line, and you want to make it rhyme, believe me brothers and sisters, you're going to have a great time."


"This January will be my third excursion to the east coast for Songwriting Escape, simply, because I love, respect and cherish songwriting."